How to buy Sad As Duck NFTs

We’re going to walk you through minting Sad As Duck NFTs with a credit/debit card! This is the first of two posts, but you only need this one to learn how to buy your NFTs!

It’s called minting when you first buy the NFT, because you’re creating the token on a blockchain. We're using the Ethereum blockchain for this collection.

1) Visit Official Website

Make sure you’re on the official Sad As Duck NFTs website:

Sad As Duck: Official Website

Choose Quantity

You can mint up to 5 NFTs. Choose your quantity in the field before moving to the next step.

We’ve optimized our smart contract so that you pay less network fees on average when minting multiple NFTs. So if you plan to mint a couple, it makes sense to buy them all at once!

3) Provide Email Address

Enter your email address, or use your Google/Discord account. This will be the email/account you use to access your NFTs.

Crossmint: Enter Email

Check Your Email

You will be emailed a link from Crossmint. Click the button in the email from Crossmint to proceed with the checkout process.

4) Enter Payment Details

You can now enter your payment information. Your payment details are processed securely by Stripe.

Crossmint: Payment Details

5) Wait for Transaction

Crossmint will now mint your NFTs on your behalf! It may take a minute for the blockchain to update with the transaction.

Crossmint: Minting

6) Done!

Your NFTs have been minted and you are now the owner. If you want to export your tokens from Crossmint, we show you how in the next post.

Crossmint: Minted