Springtime Sadness

Damn, we never realize how good we got it until it’s too late smh. Now you all drunk and crying wondering why she won’t give you another chance, like damn this was only your 78th time forgiving me… I cant get a 79th tho???? You out with your boys acting like everything all good and you ain’t worried about her and soon as you get home by yourself you go cry in the shower listening to every single sad RNB song ever, start reminiscing about all the things you took for granted, you never realize how fire the little things that you thought were annoying at the time really are… picking your girl up from work, watching her stupid pointless tv shows and even the worst of all actually having to talk to her.. I’d do anything to hear my ex complain about ANYTHING again! :(

Its so crazy because my Ex left me right before I was ready to get my shit together I swear all she had to do was take me back like two more times and i was gonna be done for sure smh, but I’m learning as I go and I can almost guarantee that in my next relationship I’ll only need at least 16 tries to get it completely right!

SadderDay Song of the day: Boo’d Up - Ella Mai

SadderDay Plans: Gonna go out have a few drinks and search for my soulmate, I know I probably won’t find her today because I didn’t completely learn my lesson yet, so I don’t deserve her…

Sadderday advice: Fellas don’t end up like me, if you got a GF appreciate her, I’d do anything to be able to listen to Boo’d up thru a bluetooth speaker laid out in the park on a 84 degree day having a chick fil a and Clicquot mimosa picnic this summer…

No girl put me on her instastory in over a year and I’m dying inside...
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