What are NFTs?

There's been a lot of news & hype surrounding NFTs over the last 2 years. Many people view NFTs as a way to make money, because some of the most successful NFT projects have exploded in popularity, and have thus become very valuable.

However, NFTs can do a lot more than create a resale opportunity. They unlock new ways in which brands & organizations can connect & reward their community of NFT holders.

Without going into any technical detail, NFTs are essentially digital receipts. However, unlike normal digital receipts (like the one you get when you buy a Sadderday® shirt), these receipts can be verified by anyone.

If someone wanted to verify that you own a Sadderday® shirt, they would have to contact us to make sure your receipt is legit, and that you actually bought a Sadderday® shirt. Even then, you could have lost your shirt, or let a friend wear it home after they slept on your couch. So, how can we verify who owns a Sadderday® shirt?

Unlike t-shirts or other property, NFT ownership can be verified by anyone who checks the Ethereum blockchain. You don't need to check with a third party (i.e. Sadderday®), which means that NFTs can provide value far beyond the company itself.

Example Use Case

Someone wants to throw an event for people who support cool brands. They have a list of brands they think are cool, and want to limit attendees to those who are actually involved with those brands.

Without NFTs, that event organizer would need to reach out to each brand, and ask for a list of their customers to cross reference with their attendees. I don't think any company would readily hand over a list of their customers...

Instead, they could limit their guest list to anyone who owns an NFT from the brands' collections. This wouldn't take much effort at all, and would confirm that anyone walking through the door is a current supporter.

If NFTs can enhance real-word events, they can do the same for social networks, games, or virtually anything else. This is why there's been so much talk about the metaverse, because it will be built using blockchain technology and seamlessly interact with assets like NFTs.

NFTs enable anyone to verify your ownership/participation with a business, organization and/or collection. That means people can build unique, exclusive experiences by simply reading the blockchain.

Why should I own a Sadderday® NFT?

We're not going to suggest that Sadderday® NFTs will be worth more than what you paid for them. It's a possibility, but it's not the reason why we're launching this collection.

We want to reward our community for getting involved with the brand. Here are some benefits you can expect by owning a Sadderday® NFT:

1) Each wallet will get a free, exclusive Sadderday® item.
2) You'll have access to new collections that are only available to NFT owners.
3) You'll get early access to Sadderday® sales.
4) Exclusive access to digital & physical events.

You can get a full breakdown of benefits here.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, send us an email at info@sadderday.com.