About Sadderday

Shirts pictured: Popup T-Shirt

"The reason we're all so miserable may be because we're working so hard to avoid being miserable."
- Anna Lembke, MD 

Sadderday was launched in 2011 from Brooklyn, NY by @bbillions. Since then, we've shipped to over 20,000 people in all 50 states and 14 countries.

We don't think it's beneficial or realistic to pretend to be happy every day. We believe that a lot of good can come from embracing your sadness.

If you're feeling unhappy, it means you're living life to the fullest. There isn't happiness without sadness, and there isn't a week without Sadderday.

We're a small operation. Two regular people + a few talented designers. Our goal is to continue growing & consistently release products that our community enjoys.

Reach out to us any time at info@sadderday.com, or text us at (224) 458-2841. 

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